Torrecid S.A. is a Multinational Business Group specialized in providing services, solutions and future trends to an array of markets. Having its headquarters in Alcora –Castellón, Spain-, Torrecid Group has presence all around the world, with 37 offices in 28 countries.
Within Torrecid Group, Al-Farben S.A is the color expert enterprise, focused exclusively on designing and providing  the best inorganic pigments solutions to the market, including the plastic and coating industries.

As a Business Group, both Torrecid and Al-Farben have the same mission:

“Provoke the change through the global leadership in innovation to generate new solutions and future trends to provide the best competitive advantages and the máximum added value”

With the mindset of accomplishing this mission, the Group action plan is based on five main pillars:


Ethics                     Innovation                    Quality                    Service                    Marketing


The commitment to the central pillar is such that all the company’s personnel is devoted to full compliance with the standard UNE ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System, ensuring the satisfaction of all its requirements plus working every day to lead new improvements that allow Torrecid Group to be a benchmark in service.

The following points are a highlight of how business actions are governed in order to meet all the quality policy guidelines:

  • Continuous improvement of the flexible and dynamic organizational system of quality management, investing in the best human and technical resources.
  • Identification of the present and future needs to provide full satisfaction in each product and service offered, always fulfilling the client’s needs in addition to the applicable legal requirements.
  • Development of a favourable environment for the promotion of quality within the company, providing the required training, motivating staff in achieving their professional goals in addition to disseminating achievements.

With a clear quality strategy and the objective of becoming the market referent in full range quality management, Al-Farben S.A certifies that has implemented an internal quality system based on processes with the aim of satisfying customers’ requirements.