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Inorganic Pigments for

The most complete range of inorganic pigments for Plastics

Complex inorganic colour pigments

The most complete range of inorganic pigments for all kind of polymers.

Inorganic pigments solutions for the most demanding applications

Our pigments improve the appearence, weatherability, thermal stability and chemical resistance of the final products where they are used.

Al-Farben offers pigments which are non-migratory, non-warping and easy to disperse on all kinds of polymers, most of them are valid for demanding applications such as food contact, toy safety or recycling, thanks to several enviromental and regulatory approvals.

Universally compatible with all polymer applications

Polyolefins (PP, LDPE,

PVC, Vynil Siding

Engineering polymers (PC, PBT, PA, PET)

Styrenics (ABS, SAN, ASA, PS)

Silicone rubber

Fiber and thin film plastic applications


Cool colours.
IR reflective pigments

Infrared reflective pigments that maximize the solar reflectivity of a surface and minimize heat absorptions and its negative effects on the substrate.

Product range

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