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Inorganic Pigments for
Construction Materials

The most complete range of inorganic pigments for all kinds of construction materials


The best solution for any surface

Torrecid´s new digital inorganic printing inks for construction materials has been one of the last developments launched to market, and it has been recognized as the best solution for the decoration of any surface.

Compatible with all materials

These inks are based on inorganic pigments with extreme weather & chemical resistant condition, are compatible with all materials used in construction.

We adapt to your needs

Torrecid offers also other products such as Primers and Topcoats that fit the needs of the most demanding customers.


Inorganic pigment solutions for the most demanding applications.
Our pigments are used in the colouring of many different kinds of construction materials.


Universally compatible with all kinds of construction materials:

We adapt to your needs

• Cement, Concrete and Mortar
• Fibercement boards
• Grout and Stucco
• Paving stones, Bricks and Roof Tiles
• Construction Plasters and Construction Chemicals

Cool colors

IR Rreflective pigments for construction materials

Maximizing the solar reflectivity

Infrared reflective pigments that maximize the solar reflectivity of a surface and minimize heat absorption and its negative effects on the substrate.

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Product range

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