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The most complete range of glass enamels

Glass enamel

Al-Farben is offering a complete range of enamels to decorate glass by screen, roller and spray application.

We offer a wide range of lead free, water friendly products, which provide high chemical and weathering resistance, opacity, and vivid colors.

Torrecid Group is leader in the ceramic digital printing market thanks to the development of the digital printing technology in 2004.

Now, all our experience in digital printing is applied in the glass market with KRYSTAL-CID, a digital solution that have provoked the change in the decorative process of tempered glass.

Chromatic range

Special inks

Multiple applications




Automotive glass enamels

As one of the manufacturer leaders of enamels worldwide , we are able to develop the most technical products for automotive market.

New atmospheres can be generated integrating creative appliances

Thanks to our new effects and all the digital printing solutions that Krystal-CID offers, a new revolution in the appliances market is coming.

Decorated glass creates unique projects

Our decorative solutions in enamels and our Krystal-CID technology generates sophisticated spaces.

Colorize yourself

Al-Farben offers the colorize solution to easily develop any colour from the colour charts RAL, PANTONE, NCS etc. With our 16 basic colours, we can get any tonality simply by mixing.

“Colorize Yourself” is a water friendly system, lead free and suitable for applications by screen, roller or spray.


Our decorative solutions in enamels and our Krystal-CID technology generates sophisticated spaces. We are offering the largest assortment of effects and colours to decorate glass by this solution, opening a completely new world in the aesthetic possibilities of flat glass for architectural, furniture and home appliances.


Non-slip materials (any colour)

Metallic effects

Outdoor exposure enamels

Coatings for solar control glass

Dual Point

Luster effects

Phosphorescent pigments

Make unique atmospheres…

Product range

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