Inorganic Pigments for

The most complete range of inorganic pigments for Coatings

Inorganic Pigment Solutions for the most demanding applications

Our pigments improve the appereance, weatherability and thermal resistance of the final products where they are used

They are easily dispersible in all mediums and they offer infrared reflectance properties that make them the best solution for any kind of high-performance application.

Universally compatible with all coatings systems

Powder coatings

Coil and industrial coatings

Super durable coatings

Architectural paints

Automotive, camouflage, container and marine coatings

Gel coats

Cool colours – IR reflective pigments for coatings

Infrared reflective pigments that maximize the solar reflectivity of a surface and minimize heat absorption and its negative effects on the substrate.

No milling process necessary

Energy saving




Product range

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