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Ceramic colours
that you have never seen before

The most complete range of inorganic pigments for ceramics

Glaze stains

Our pigments are thermal and chemical stable, provide optimal particle size distribution, maximum intensity and offering the widest chromatic range of colours.

Body stains

Our pigments are available to work for wet and dry coloration process, providing easy dispersion and homogeneity of the coloured body mass, high thermal stability in changing firing conditions, flexibility and easy handling in production, high fluidity for perfect pneumatic transport and installation and also are specially designed to avoid strength reduction thanks to optimal particle size.

Low temperature stains and effects

The widest range of colours and effects to create highest added value, using pigments of high thermal stability allowing long firing cycles without fading:

-Colours for low temperature (800-850ºC), with or without lead, for fired tiles, fusing and glass mosaic

-Colours for metallic effects (temperature 800-1140ºC)

-Stain colours for fusing glass

-Pigments for tableware

Main applications

Glaze Stains

Body Stains

Low Temperature Stains & Effects

Innovative products to create unique atmospheres